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This hugely successful event has raised over £85,000 for Les Bourgs Hospice in the last 3 years and due to its incredible popularity we are running this event again in 2017

We are delighted that Liz Stonebridge and her team have agreed to let us continue to run this event  for those of you who do not cycle or run to raise money while keeping fit!

As such we are re-launching the concept of 30 swims in the sea at 30 different bays over 30 days for the summer and this event will run from 1st July until 30th July 2017.   You can undertake these swims at your leisure, doing more than one swim each day or doing one each day to suit yourselves - we even had one person last year do all 30 bays in one day - any combination is fine, the challenge is to do 30 strokes in 30 different bays between 1st & 30th July 2017.  There will be a launch swim at Vazon on 1st July and a final swim at Cobo on the 30th July (both at 6.00pm) where you will be able to hand in your Sponsorship money and celebrate the end of the challenge.

 We are again having the concept of entering as a team of 6 people (incl. children). All you need to do it register as individuals then you can complete the challenge of ticking the 30 bays off between you in whichever way works best for you. For some it may mean that a core of the team swims in every bay and is occasionally joined by the other members, or, it could be that you split the bays between you and swim 5 bays each. You choose! This is designed to be completely flexible for those that don't have the time to complete the whole challenge individually and will hopefully provide inspiration and the opportunity to still get involved. For more information is available on the website: www.30bays.org where you can also download the registration form and the Sponsorship forms - or you can download them at the bottom of this page.List Of Bays


If you haven't heard of some of these bays before or want to remind yourself how to get to them please view the 30BAYS_MAP reproduced with permission from Coast Media Design Agency, www.coast.gg.


Trident Charter Company Ltd has very generously offered to support the event for a second year with a special rate of return ticket for anyone registered for 30baysin30days of £10 for adults (15 years +, normally £13) and £5 for children (4-14 inc, normally £6.50). Special fares are subject to departure and return on the same day only (ie no period returns) and only valid for one trip to Herm per person, between 1st-30th July 2017. Tickets can be purchased from the Trident ticket office on presentation of your 30bays swim cap (these will be handed out at the first group swim at Vazon on 1st July so if you are registered but unable to be there to collect please email 30baysin30days@gmail.com). Please be advised that Trident Charter Company Ltd has no obligation to offer you the special fare if you do not have your cap with you at the time of booking.

Please visit www.traveltrident.com for sailing times.

 A registration form must be completed and the registration fee of £10 for the over 18s's and £5 for the under 18's to be registered as participating in this event.

You will be able to access a list of bays to swim at to have some new places to try and new experiences over the month, but if you have problems accessing some of the bays don't worry as you can use an alternative or duplicate.  You can event join this event if you are away during July, but you will need to get your 30 swims in before you go or when you come back! 

We have joined with the team who wrote the Guernsey Beach Guide last year which is a fabulous book telling you all the information you may need to know about the local beaches, best tides and best and worst features and all the facilities nearby - this is a great book to use alongside this event and they are donating £2.50 from each book sold to Les Bourgs Hospice if you purchase if for this event during June and July.  We are selling it on our Website under Gifts - click above and it will also be available at the launch swim.



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The first swim will be a group swim at Vazon Bay on 1st July and the final one also a group swim at Cobo Bay on 30th July, but between these dates you can swim the bays in whichever order you wish to do so.

To register for this event please click on the sign up for an event button to the right of this screen or download the registration form and send it back to Trish De Carteret, Fundraising administrator, Les Bourgs Hospice, Rue du Tertre, St Andrews, GY6 8SF. If you have further questions email 30baysin30days@gmail.com or call Liz Stonebridge on 07781 122914 or contact trish@lesbourgs.com

Registration costs £10 for adults and £5 for under 18 year olds.

Sponsorship will be available online via this website after registration - by pressing the sponsor someone button to the right of this page and it can be downloaded from the bottom of this page.


                                           Guernsey Community Foundation

30 Bays in 30 Days was shortlisted for the 'The Community Awards 2014′


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Finally, Liz Stonebridge is very pleased to announce that through the hard work of Ed Prow at The Potting Shed, Tim Gaudion of Fuse2 and the invaluable support of Network Insurance as sponsor, the concept of 30baysin30days will be run in Jersey again this Summer. All proceeds of the event will benefit the Jersey Hospice and The Jersey National Trust. www.30bays30days.org.je.  

Thanks to everyone for their support, this is a great idea and hopefully we will get a great summer to support it!


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