Walk 30 ways in 30 Days

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Spring into action with 30 walks in 30 days around this beautiful island during the month of April.

By popular demand we are delighted to be running another sponsored spring walking event for the first of the 30 30 events for 2017.  Many people have told us that they would like to do something more suitable for those who do not fancy running, cycling or swimming so we have come up with Walk 30 ways in 30 days which is designed to encourage people to make the most of our amazing island by walking in 30 different places for 30 minutes each day from 1st until 30th April.

We are delighted this year to be working with PraxisIFM who are sponsoring this event for 2017.  They tell me: 

 PraxisIFM is proud to be associated with Les Bourgs' 30 Walks in 30 Days initiative. We support local schemes that improve the quality of people's lives and this month-long event achieves this in a number of ways. It raises vital funds for Les Bourgs, enabling them to continue providing care for residents of the Bailiwick who suffer from life-limiting illnesses and support their families though one of life's most difficult situations, and it also encourages the community as a whole to get out there to experience and appreciate the beauty of our Island and the health benefits of walking.

To find out more about us visit www.praxisifm.com

We are extremely lucky in Guernsey that we have such an amazing array of places to walk which are tranquil and stunning, from country lanes where you can walk for miles to coastal paths around the North of the island suitable for all abilities of walkers and the beautiful coastal cliff paths of the South for those with more energy, but I guess, like me, most people walk in the same places most of the time, so here is your chance to try a new area for walking. 

We have linked with the Visit Guernsey website and you can find ideas for walking on this page by following this link: http://www.visitguernsey.com/walking and they also have a Heritage walking activity running for most of April which includes guided walks for those who would like to walk and learn, find more information at: http://www.visitguernsey.com/heritage-festival and of course they also link to 'tasty walks' where each walk leads you to a place of refreshment and rest during or after the walk, so great to do with friends and children.  http://www.visitguernsey.com/tastywalks

We ask that people register by pressing the 'sign up for an event' tag to the right of this screen and when registered people will automatically be registered to collect sponsorship online.  As with other events you can 'bank' walks but walking for more than 30 minutes each day then missing a day if you need to do so, fit the walks around your busy lives, but what a great way to enjoy the spring each day for 30 minutes by walking to raise money for the Hospice.

The T-shirts will be Sapphire Blue and will look like this:

T-shirt Graphic

Banner 1.jpg Banner 3.jpg Flyer.png Magnetic on small van.jpg PraxisIFM(2).jpg RDLC.jpg T-shirt Graphic.png NG3.jpg NG2.jpg NG1.jpg KL5.png KL4.png KL3.png KL2.png KL1.png 17308781_10156043855873636_6243500525717879572_n.jpg IMG_0654.jpg IMG_0653.jpg IMG_0652.jpg IMG_0647.jpg IMG_0645.jpg IMG_0630.jpg IMG_0629.jpg IMG_0623.jpg NL32.png NL31.png NL30.png NL29.png NL28.png NL27.png NL26.png NL25.png NL24.png NL23.png NL22.png NL21.png NL20.png NL19.png NL18.png NL17.png NL16.png NL15.png NL14.png NL13.png NL12.png NL11.png NL10.png NL9.png NL8.png NL7.png NL6.png NL5.png NL4.png nl3.png NL2.png NL1.png Cobo 6.4.17.jpg Cobo 6.4.17 number 2.jpg Castle Walk 4.4.17.jpg Castle Walk 2 4.4.17.jpg North walk 1.4.17.jpg North Walk 2 1.4.17.jpg North Walk 3 1.4.17.jpg IMG_2462.jpg IMG_2430.jpg IMG_2425.jpg IMG_2426.jpg 2017-04-08-PHOTO-00000195.jpg TD2.jpg IMG_1218.JPG 2017-04-10-PHOTO-00000222 (2).jpg TD1.jpg TD3.jpg 2017-04-10-PHOTO-00000212 (2).jpg IMG_2599.jpg TD4.jpg IMG_2600.jpg IMG_2602.jpg IMG_2603.jpg IMG_2607.jpg IMG_2608.jpg IMG_1226a.jpg IMG_1226.jpg