Board of Trustees

The Board of Directors is subject to the overall supervision of a newly constituted Board of Trustees, consisting at present of Greville Mitchell, Tony Warburton, Alison Ozanne and Tamara Menteshvili. Les Bourgs LBG (and through it the Hospice itself) is held in Trust by the Trustees.

The Trustees act, in effect, like shareholders of a company in that they will monitor the actions of the Board of Directors which will regularly report to them. To ensure full and open communication between the Board of Directors and Trustees, the Chairman of the Board of Directors (Mike Tanguy) will chair the regular Trustee meetings but have no vote. The Trustees are also now intended to be the public face of Les Bourgs to the outside world. 

The current Board of Trustees are:

Mr Greville Mitchell OBE

Ms Tamara Menteshvili

Advocate Alison Ozanne

Mr George Anthony Warburton