30 Bays in 30 days 2022

1st July, 2022

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What is 30baysin30days?

A chance to make the most of your Summer by swimming at least 30 strokes in 30 bays around the island during the month of July. We appreciate that with busy lives, work commitments or holiday plans there needs to be flexibility for you to complete the challenge so we don't expect you to swim every day if you don't want to. Bank the swims on weekends or when you have more time. 

OPTION FOR THOSE WITH A DISABILITY OR HAVE MOBILITY ISSUES - we are lucky to have so many amazing places to swim off Guernsey but some of them present a challenge to get to (particularly the ones off the cliffs). If you would like to get involved but think that you will be unable to swim at every bay on the list please still sign up then choose which bays work for you then complete 30 swims at those to complete the challenge.

Please visit www.30bays.org for full event information.

When does this start?
The challenge runs between 1st and 30th July and it would really help in the organisation of the event if you could register as soon as possible although registrations will be accepted at the first group swim at Vazon.

How do I take part?
You can register via RaceNation https://race-nation.co.uk/register/les-bourgs-hospice/30-bays-in-30-days-2022-guernsey via the register button on this page or download the registration form from www.30bays.org and send it back to the Fundraising Administrator, Les Bourgs Hospice, Rue du Tertre, St Andrews, GY6 8SF. If you have further questions please email 30baysin30days@gmail.com or call Liz Stonebridge on 210329.

Adult £15

Child (U18) £5

Family 30baysin30days £35 (max 5 members)

Team 30baysin30days £10 pp (unlimited) - please note that this entry option is for people who are sharing the list of bays - if you are planning on completing all 30 please enter as an adult entry (£15) - please enter via RACENATION

9baysin30days - Please note that we also run a shorter 9baysin30days which is designed for younger families, those new to sea swimming or with less time to complete the challenge. This only has 9 bays to tick off during the month and they are all easy to access with kiosks and toilets. Please visit our events page for more information and registration.

Team option - you can register as individuals then you can complete the challenge of ticking the 30 bays off between you in whichever way works best for you. For some it may mean that a core of the team swims in every bay and is occasionally joined by the other members, or, it could be that you split the bays between you. You choose! This is designed to be completely flexible for those that don't have the time to complete the whole challenge individually. If you have a large corporate team please call the Fundraising Administrator at Les Bourgs Hospice tel: 210329.

Each entry will receive a beautifully illustrated map by the talented Caroline Cummins of Little Paper Gallery. Stick this up on your wall to tick off your swims with pride. There will also be the option to purchase one to frame as a keepsake to remind you of those blue-sky, sun-drenched Summer swims in the dark depths of Winter. It can be tricky for us to know from the registration if you are signing up on behalf of someone who isn't in your household so please add extra maps in the registration process.

In partnership with Plastic Free Guernsey we are proud to offer a Beach Clean option so if you aren't a swimmer but wish to support the event, or keen to help keep our shorelines clear of litter please get signed up.

Where are the bays?

The List

Your safety is very important to us therefore when you are ticking off your bays for this event please, please only swim in the ones on our list. We have sadly had to remove Petit Port this year due to access being closed which we are very sad about but hope for its return next year!

  1. VAZON – GROUP SWIM, Friday 1st July 2022, 6.30pm       
  2. Albecq
  3. Grandes Rocques  
  4. Port Soif
  5. Portinfer
  6. Baie de Port Grat
  7. Rousse
  8. Le Grand Havre
  9. Les Amarreurs
  10. Ladies Bay
  11. Baie de la Jaonneuse
  12. Pembroke Bay
  13. L'Ancresse Bay
  14. Fontenelle Bay
  15. Bordeaux
  16. Havelet Bay
  17. La Vallette Bathing Pools (NEW - to replace Petit Port)
  18. Fermain Bay
  19. Marble Bay (Le Pied du Mur)
  20. Moulin Huet
  21. Saints Bay
  22. La Jaonnet Bay
  23. Petit Bot Bay
  24. Portelet
  25. Rocquaine Bay
  26.  L'Eree Bay
  27.  Perelle Bay
  28. Crocq Bay (behind Fort Richmond and accessed via the slipway)
  29.  Richmond
  30.  COBO - GROUP SWIM, Saturday 30th July 2022, 5pm

    Additional bays to swap in or add to your challenge;
    Hotel Beach, Herm Harbour
    Shell Beach


    Group Swims 1st & 30th July:

    The aim of getting everyone together is to show support for the event but more importantly so that you get to see who else is getting involved as you might bump into them during the month of July! It will also mean that on the days when you may not have anyone to swim with, you can get hold of someone you know who has signed up or you can put a shout out though our social media pages for a swim buddy. Please do try to get involved in the group swims to start and close the event (see below for details). It was great to see so many people take part last year and it was a brilliant atmosphere. After that you are free to swim the bays in whichever order, whenever you like between 1st and 30th July – you don’t have to swim every day if you don’t want to!

    NEW - mid-month breakfast swim at La Vallette Bathing Pools
    This Summer sees the re-opening of The Bathing Pools and the rejuvenated facilities and cafe so to support and recognise the achievements of the Vive La Vallette team we have added them onto our list in place of Petit Port! We are planning a mid-month drop-in swim session so please keep an eye on your inbox and the 30baysin30days social media for details.

    Sponsorship will be available online via this website after registration if you have opted to be listed on our website. If your name does not appear in the sponsor someone section please email info@lesbourgs.com and we can add you to it. Sponsorship forms can be downloads from the 30baysin30days event page of this website or www.30bays.org. If you do not have access to a printer please email info@lesbourgs.com and we will post one out to you.


    Why take part?
    - Raises money for a cause that touches the lives of lots of islanders
    - A fun and different way of making the most of living on this amazing little rock of ours
    - Feeling of having achieved something in the Summer rather than it just flying by.
    - Visiting new places you’ve never been to before or haven’t visited for years
    - Sea swimming makes you feel alive and loving life!


    PLEASE NOTE - Registrations are open but your event pack will not be sent out until the week before the event starts.

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