30baysin30days 2020

19th May, 2020

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We are very excited that our 2020 event can run BUT in order to keep our Community protected from any resurgence of Covid-19 as we emerge from lock-down there are a few important changes that we need to make you aware of. These are current at the time of launching the registration but we are hoping can be amended as our exit from lock-down moves to the next phase. Please check your emails for updates and www.30bays.org for all of the latest information. We know that this means that the event won't be quite the same this year but it is important to remember that we have had over 800 people sign up in the past, so as a charity we need to take responsibility for not only your safety but that of others too!

Definite change:

  • NO group swims to start & finish the event (we love that these have been so well supported in previous years but this does mean that the numbers are just too high to comply with Public Health measures)

Changes as at 29.05.20 that could be reviewed if social distancing measures are relaxed:

  • NO cliff-access bays (ie Petit Port, Marble Bay, Moulin Huet & La Jahonnet have been removed from the list as people would not be able to pass one another with a 2m social distancing gap on the cliff paths. If social distancing rules are relaxed at any point leading up to, or during the event these will be reinstated).

  • Havelet will only count as a swim in the bay, not the bathing pools as these are already busy and there is a limited number people that can be in the pools at any one time. On the plus, morning high tide swims can provide a gorgeous backdrop of sunrise behind the castle or low-tide provides a sandy swim with the clearest water!

  •  2m social distancing will need to be maintained, even when in the water (unless you are swimming with your family) 


What is the event?

A chance to make the most of your Summer in Guernsey (especially if you would normally be travelling off-island when the schools break up) by swimming at least 30 strokes in 30 bays around the island during the month of July. You do not have to swim every day if you don't want to so you can bank the swims on weekends when you may have more time and you can choose to swim the bays on the list in whichever order, whenever you like. The event provides the perfect opportunity to discover new places on the island that you've never been to before and if you've taken part before we guarantee that each swim will be different depending on tide, weather, time of day or who you're swimming with. 

Team option - all you need to do is register as individuals then you can complete the challenge of ticking the 30 bays off between you in whichever way works best for you. For some it may mean that a core of the team swims in every bay and is occasionally joined by the other members, or, it could be that you split the bays between you. You choose. This is designed to be completely flexible for those that don't have the time to complete the whole challenge individually.

Alternatively, we also run the 9baysin30days which is designed for younger families, those with less time or perhaps anyone who would like to try it out but would find the full 30 too much of a challenge. Please register for 9baysin30days through the specific events page listed on this website. 

This year we are again proud to be supporting Plastic Free Guernsey in their fight to reduce the use of single use plastics and plastic pollution on the island so are offering the Beach Clean option as part of the 30baysin30days event.

The List


Please note that this is at stands at time of opening registrations so only 26 Guernsey bays are included this year so we ask that you choose an additional 4 of your favourites to swim at again, ideally at a different time of day or state of tide, to experience them in a new way. PLEASE NOTE that this list will be subject to change if the 2m social distancing rule is relaxed and we will update the list to the full 30. As mentioned previously, we will be posting updates on the website www.30bays.org and social media to let you know if the 4 cliff bays can be re-added. We are keeping our fingers crossed, especially for one of our favourites so that you can discover them for the first time or make what might be your only visit of the year.

In addition, we are very happy that the Bailiwick Bubble has been announced so where we have included the 3 bays in Herm in previous years to swap in or be optional extras, this year they will provide a chance for you to tick your full 30.  

Grandes Rocques (Saline Bay)
Port Soif
Baie de Port Grat
Le Grand Havre
Les Amarreurs
Ladies Bay
Baie de la Jaonneuse
Pembroke Bay
L'Ancresse Bay
Fontenelle Bay
Havelet Bay (not the bathing pools)
Fermain Bay
Saints Bay
Petit Bot Bay
Rocquaine Bay
L’Eree Bay
Perelle Bay
Crocq Bay (behind Fort Richmond and accessed via the slipway)

Hotel Beach
Shell Beach
Belvoir Beach

OPTION FOR THOSE WITH A DISABILITY OR HAVE MOBILITY ISSUES - we are lucky to have so many amazing places to swim off Guernsey but some of them present a challenge to get to. If you would like to get involved but think that you will be unable to swim at every bay on the list please still sign up then choose which bays work for you & complete 30 swims at those to complete the challenge.

When does this start?

The challenge runs between 1st and 30th July so get signed up today! This year we will be posting out a registration pack in the week leading up to the event to provide you with all of the information that you will need. 


How do I register?

You can sign up on this page through the "Register section" or download a registration form from www.30bays.org and send it back to Fundraising administrator, Les Bourgs Hospice, Rue du Tertre, St Andrews, GY6 8SF. 

Adult £15
Child (U18) £5
Family entry £35 (please don't forget that there is also the family focussed 9baysin30days event so ensure you are registering for the right one!)



Please email 30baysin30days@gmail.com or ring 210329

Thank you for your support!

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