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30th November, 2018

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Hello, my name is Chelsea Marley. Those of you who know me personally will know that my hair has been my identity and also my insulation for most of my life. With many of you often referring to me with affectionate nicknames for example: “the ginger grinch” or “animal” (from the muppet’s). For those of you who don’t, I am known by most people I meet as: “that girl with the huge orange hair”. 

What I am getting at here is, whether you know me personally or not, you all know me mostly because of my hair. Not really surprising, as it does make me stand out somewhat in a crowd. As I’m sure you can all imagine, having this much hair for over a decade has been extremely high maintenance. Especially keeping on top of the Tangerine Dream for the last 6 months…and I have decided it is finally time for a change. So, here we are!!

Initially I was discussing the future of my mop with my boyfriend, a lot of things were thrown around, including joking about shaving the whole lot off… 


What started as a joke, ended up turning into a reality (for better or worse, as i have committed to this now!) and the opportunity to raise awareness for cancer sufferers, who have to go through this emotionally challenging side effect of chemotherapy.

Many people don’t realise how important hair is until you face losing it. I may be making the choice to shave my hair, however, people fighting cancer do not have that option. Not only do they have a difficult time dealing with the strains and stresses of the effects of chemotherapy on the body, but also have to handle the emotional distress of loosing a large part of their identity. Sometimes permanently! 

Which is why it is my privilege to invite you all to join me at the Cock & Bull, at 8pm on Friday 30th November. Where, for the bargain price of a modest donation to a very worthwhile cause, you will get a once in a lifetime opportunity to witness a Ginger Wooki, morph into a Boiled Egg before your very eyes! Courtesy of Kimberley Allen, who has kindly given up her time freely to assist in my transformation.

Typically head shaving events are to raise awareness and funds specifically for cancer, however, I have decided that I would like to donate all funds raised to Les Bourgs Hospice.  This way the funds are going to a local organisation, which helps to support not only those struggling against cancer, but people suffering from various other life-shortening illnesses. 

Not only do they provide the highest levels of care to their patients, they also provide the up most support to their loved ones. Les Bourgs Hospice is a non-profitable organisation, so it’s our duty to help support this amazing local facility who help to care for Guernsey residents and their families in times of need. I will also be sending my hair to the Little Princess Trust, who provide real hair wigs to children across the UK and Ireland that have lost their own hair through cancer treatment. Hopefully it will bring some fun back into a Childs life this Christmas, and if, like socks, they don’t like it, at least their parents won’t lose them at the park!

Please donate to this great cause!

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