Dave Birch - Laser 150 Challenge 2018




After many months of frustration with the weather (which has been great for the rest of us, but not windy enough to sail!) Dave finally left Falmouth Harbour on Monday Morning, saililng to Eddystone Lighthouse where he met his support boat then headed to France.  The wind dropped while crossing the shipping lanes and he had to paddle his way through the boats, but he carried on and after France headed towards Guernsey.  The plan was to arrive at 1800 - 2000 hrs in Guernsey harbour but once again the wind dropped and his arrival was delayed until 0115hrs on Wednesday morning, a total of 143.2 miles was sailed with the final couple of miles done under Tow from his support boat due to exhaustion, hallucination and lack of wind!


After 37 hours in a boat 1.5ft x 3ft he was looking decidedly amazing when i caught up with him and he was elated with his achievements, as he should be!  Dave has raised more than £7000 for Les Bourgs Hospice and we cannot thank him enough.

Life can change in a heart beat .. . .. . .. .


In 2018 I will be undertaking an extreme sailing challenge to raise funds for Les Bourgs Hospice.


For this, I will be sailing my 13ft laser dinghy single handed and not stop

from Falmouth to Guernsey via Plymouth and North Brittany, covering 150+ miles.

It is expected to take about 36 hours!

There are no luxuries of an auto-pilot, bed, cooker or toilet. It is sure to be both physically and mentally challenging.

Training will be extensive.


Les Bourgs Hospice relies entirely on donations and fund raising. There is no states support.

They have only 35 paid staff and a huge bank of 150+ volunteers.

It costs in excess of £1.4 million a year to keep this service operational.

On average, they care for over 100 patients a year with life limiting illnesses.

Optimising palative care from highly trained staff, Patients at the tranquil and peaceful Andrew Mitchell House

recieve the best possible care.


Please, help me support this incredible charity. Donations can be made by clicking the 'sponsor someone' button to the right of this page or at my webpage: www.epicsailing.co.uk

Your support ensures the ongoing care for those less fortunate

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