Carol Robinson Retires

Whilst wishing Carol well  we will miss her very much. She has had to adapt to many changes not least three Directors of Nursing!! A move to the hospital whilst the redeployment was taking place and latterly moving into the new building all whilst continuing to maintain a service for our patients and their families. Since 1991 to date over 2,200 patients have been in the care of Les Bourgs Hospice and with Carol arriving in 1995 so don't have to be a mathematician to appreciate how many people she will have helped to looked after. Small wonder she feels it is time to step down and enjoy a well-earned rest !  All good wishes to you and Pete for the future.

Jo Boyd

Hospice Director       

Carol has been with the Hospice since 4th September 1995 - I was very impressed that she could remember the exact date!

She joined the hospice following her time working on Victoria Wing at the Princess Elizabeth Hospital where she worked as a Domestic assistant, but as part of this role she helped out the Auxiliary nurses and wondered if she could undertake that role herself.

When she was looking to move she asked an old colleague who told her she was leaving the Hospice and a role was available, she also knew another nurse here so she applied and got the job and has been here ever since.

Carol tells me that she enjoyed meeting people and being with people and she enjoys helping the patients and the staff.  She likes the family feel of the Hospice and is pleased, that after many years working in the old Hospice, that she has been able to work in the new one.  Carol says the new hospice is better for the nurses and the patients as there is more room and more privacy.

Carol says she will miss the people from the Hospice, the team have become really close to her and she has made some very good friends.

Carol has chosen this time to retire as her husband Peter has gone part time and she is looking to spend more time with him on their allotment where they are growing fresh vegetables.  Carol is looking forward to a new challenge and a new chapter in her life and a rest after a lot of work that has been done on their house!

We wish Carol all the best for the future and hope that she keeps in touch.

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