The M Technique ®

March 2nd 2013 saw all the clinical staff, here at the hospice, learning a new relaxation technique to use with patients and their families. Dr Jane Buckle Buckle RhD, RGN, Cert Ed. devised and developed the M technique® to use on vulnerable people where massage may not be appropriate.  It uses a structured approach, employing a touch system with repeated movements.  Unlike Massage, The M technique® uses gentle pressure; making it ideal for hospice patients who are weak or have fragile skin.  It can be used at any time to promote relaxation and decrease anxiety and agitation.  Due to its set structure The M technique® has been well researched and further information about research and the M technique generally can be found below.

The M Technique® Hand and Foot Course was run over four hours in our day room and was led by Dr Jane Buckle. By the end of the day we were not only proficient in the technique but had experienced first-hand how relaxing the M technique® is!

Staff can now not only undertake the M Technique® but are able to teach it to patients and their families, empowering them to be able to help themselves and practice the technique at home.  At end of life, families can use the M technique ® on their loved ones, enabling them to have an active and therapeutic role in what can be a very difficult and unsettling time.

Since completing the course the M technique ® has already been used successfully at the hospice and it is hoped that its use will become embedded in practice, providing a non-invasive alternative/ adjuvant to our patient care.

Research and further information :

Rickerby, K., Cordell, B. Application of the M Technique to Two Severely Disabled Children in Belarus (2012). International Journal of Palliative Nursing 18(7) p.355-359.

Roberts, K. Campbell, H.Using the M Technique as therapy for patients at the end of life: two case studies(2011). International Journal of Palliative Nursing 17(3) p.114-118.

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