Board of Directors Les Bourgs Hospice LBG

Having completed work on the magnificent Hospice building, it became apparent that the corporate structure of Les Bourgs would also benefit from a "rebuild". 

Accordingly, a review of the corporate structure and proposals for reform were carefully considered by the then Board of Governors.  As a result of those deliberations a new corporate structure has now been adopted. 

 The actual Hospice building is owned by a company called Les Bourgs Hospice LBG (limited by guarantee) ("Les Bourgs LBG").  From now on the Board of Directors of Les Bourgs LBG will be the Executive Managers of the Hospice.  They meet every two months to make decisions in relation to not just to the running of the building but other matters such as staff issues, shop premises, fundraising etc.

The Board of Directors is assisted in its role by a series of sub committees: the Investment Committee, the Management Committee, and the Finance Committee.  Shortly there will also be a Clinical Governance Committee.  

The Board of Directors is subject to the overall supervision of a newly constituted Board of Trustees

The Board of Directors are:

Jurat Mike Tanguy MBE - Chair

Mr Anthony Creasey

Dr Nick King

Mrs Josephine Boyd MBE 

Stephen Oliphant

Dr Peter Richards