About us

Les Bourgs Hospice at Andrew Mitchell House was founded for the people of the Bailiwick in 1990 by Greville Mitchell OBE and Mrs Lisa Mitchell who recognised the need for a Hospice to provide the highest levels of compassionate and professional care to patients suffering from life-limiting illnesses, as well as their loved ones. All Bailiwick residents are able to come to the hospice for residential, respite and day care and there is no charge.

The property underwent a substantial redevelopment and expansion which opened in 2011 to create a purpose-built hospice which is large enough to meet the Bailiwicks needs. It is installed with the latest medical equipment and facilities and it has none of the accessibility and privacy issues that the original house had. The fund raising target is currently in excess of £1,400,000 per year to meet the current running costs of the hospice.

The hospice is independent and relies entirely on public support. This comes in the form of fundraising and donations as well as through the outstanding work of the small army of dedicated volunteers who give their time and their skills to keep the hospice running.

There are volunteering roles to suit people of all ages and from all walks of life, and for those who have plenty or very little time to spare. Every volunteer brings a wealth of knowledge and experience that enriches the life of Les Bourgs and our volunteers tell us that being a part of the hospice enhances their lives too.

Les Bourgs Hospice is a Company Limited by Guarantee Company Number: 44019.  Association of Guernsey Charities Number: 141.  Guernsey Registry Number: CH25

Hospice inpatient unit from outside Chapel Day Centre IMG_3084.JPG IMG_3096.JPG IMG_3097.JPG Hospice Treatment Suite Les Bourgs 063.JPG IMG_3104.JPG IMG_4101.JPG IMG_4124.JPG Les Bourgs 089 - Copy.JPG New Bridge Les Bourgs 092.JPG Les Bourgs 073.JPG Les Bourgs 071.JPG Les Bourgs 100.JPG Les Bourgs 129.JPG Les Bourgs 074.JPG Bridge Cropped Les Bourgs 090 Les Bourgs 079.JPG Les Bourgs 133.JPG Les Bourgs 213.JPG IMG_3073.JPG IMG_3074.JPG Les Bourgs 017.JPG Les Bourgs 090.JPG Les Bourgs 091.JPG photo (4).JPG photo (5).JPG IMG_6564 IMG_6577 Les Bourgs 087 - Copy.JPG Les Bourgs 182.JPG Les Bourgs 198.JPG Les Bourgs 093.JPG Les Bourgs 101.JPG Les Bourgs 238.JPG IMG_6582 Les Bourgs 251.JPG Les Bourgs 223.JPG Les Bourgs 095 - Copy.JPG Les Bourgs 260.JPG Les Bourgs 099.JPG IMG_6667.JPG IMG_6574 IMG_6564 IMG_6670.JPG Les Bourgs 106.JPG Les Bourgs 151.JPG IMG_6671.JPG IMG_6575 IMG_6674.JPG new bridge IMG_6618.JPG IMG_6625.JPG IMG_6637.JPG IMG_6650.JPG IMG_6591.JPG IMG_6596.JPG IMG_6604.JPG IMG_6567.JPG IMG_6586.JPG Reception Cropped.jpg DSCF1603.JPG DSCF1606.JPG DSCF1607.JPG DSCF1611.JPG DSCF1596.JPG DSCF1597.JPG DSCF1599.JPG DSCF1600.JPG DSCF1566.JPG DSCF1570.JPG DSCF1572.JPG DSCF1584 - Copy.JPG Easter Egg.jpg DSCF1551.JPG DSCF1552.JPG DSCF1565.JPG DSCF1621.JPG 20140514_192039.jpg 20140514_192357.jpg 7 in 7 ride 1.jpg 3030.jpg 10407256_711435035562621_1866774719056647867_n.jpg Hot Cross Buns.jpg IMG_8231.JPG La creme Anglais.jpg Shona And Andy Sarre 1.jpg 1491680_769224259768751_2430659432370824405_n.jpg 10314540_770928962931614_7803451406830214303_n.jpg 10341463_773406999350477_732044956911647822_n.jpg IMG_8179.JPG IMG_8182.JPG IMG_8185.JPG IMG_8194.JPG Kathryn and Kylie Graduation.jpg DSCF1008.JPG DSCF1646.JPG DSCF1654.JPG DSCF1645.JPG 20140701_182716 (2).jpg DSCF1659.JPG DSCF1661.JPG 20140701_182722 (2).jpg DSCF1595.JPG DSCF1663.JPG DSCF1665.JPG DSCF1600.JPG 10406475_10152639075133694_100771533893528720_n.jpg DSCF1670.JPG DSCF1675.JPG 10491070_10152642933053694_3187567120098262099_n.jpg 10513407_10152649519183694_4246699203382142338_n.jpg 10552573_10152669752728694_223218846679050834_n.jpg 10570542_10152669752453694_3544974697291071826_n.jpg Photo 1.jpg DSCF1679.JPG photo 1.JPG photo 2.JPG Paris photo.jpg 10429825_10152565537637922_1534541890919582933_n.jpg 10441191_10152565537547922_7665654503097513621_n.jpg 10452360_10152565537722922_4249608277441110646_n.jpg DSC_0148.jpg 119.JPG 120.JPG 121.JPG 122.JPG 123.JPG 124.JPG 125.JPG 126.JPG 118.JPG 119 (2).JPG 119.JPG 120 (2).JPG 120.JPG 121 (2).JPG 121.JPG 122 (2).JPG 122.JPG DSCF1746.JPG DSCF1748.JPG DSCF1749.JPG DSCF1754.JPG DSCF1755.JPG DSCF1757.JPG DSCF1758.JPG DSCF1759.JPG DSCF1760.JPG DSCF1781.JPG DSCF1783.JPG DSCF1784.JPG DSCF1785.JPG DSCF1787.JPG DSCF1788.JPG DSCF1789.JPG 126.JPG 133.JPG 134.JPG 135.JPG Christmas Gingerbread house 1.jpg DSCF1768.JPG DSCF1770.JPG DSCF1776.JPG DSCF1778.JPG DSCF1779.JPG DSCF1780.JPG Gingerbread House 2.jpg DSCF1257.JPG IMG_4397.JPG IMG_4418.JPG IMG_4440.JPG IMG_4506.JPG IMG_4517.JPG IMG_4541.JPG IMG_4554.JPG DSC_0657 (2).JPG DSC_0673 (2).JPG DSC_0731.JPG IMG_3084.JPG IMG_3091 (2).JPG Les Bourgs 083 (2).JPG Les Bourgs 207 (2).JPG Les Bourgs 087 - Copy.JPG Les Bourgs 092 (2).JPG Les Bourgs 094.JPG Les Bourgs 100 (2).JPG Les Bourgs 106 (2).JPG Les Bourgs 107 (2).JPG