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Les Bourgs Hospice at Andrew Mitchell House was founded for the people of the Bailiwick in 1991 by Greville Mitchell OBE and Mrs Lisa Mitchell who recognised the need for a Hospice to provide the highest levels of compassionate and professional care to patients suffering from life-limiting illnesses, as well as their loved ones. All Bailiwick residents are able to come to the hospice as an in-patient, as well as for respite or day care and there is no charge for the services provided.

The property underwent a substantial redevelopment and expansion which opened in 2011 to create a purpose-built hospice which is large enough to meet the Bailiwicks needs. It is installed with the latest medical equipment and facilities and it has none of the accessibility and privacy issues that the original house had. The fund raising target is currently £1.6 million per year to meet the current running costs of the hospice.

The hospice relies entirely on public support

The hospice is independent and relies entirely on public support. This comes in the form of fundraising and donations as well as through the outstanding work of the small army of dedicated volunteers who give their time and their skills to keep the hospice running.

There are volunteering roles to suit people of all ages and from all walks of life, and for those who have plenty or very little time to spare. Every volunteer brings a wealth of knowledge and experience that enriches the life of Les Bourgs and our volunteers tell us that being a part of the hospice enhances their lives too.

Les Bourgs Hospice is a Company Limited by Guarantee Company Number: 44019. Association of Guernsey Charities Number: 141. Guernsey Registry Number: CH25

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