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'Without the Friends of Les Bourgs Hospice raising the money needed to keep the Hospice running would be almost impossible - Thank you.'

The Friends of Les Bourgs Hospice have been an essential fundraising arm for the Hospice since shortly after it opened. They have raised over £4,000,000 to date and the number keeps on rising thanks to their dedication and ideas.

The Friends of Les Bourgs Hospice LBG is run by a small committee of members, who run various events including the Monthly Lottery Club, Rock to Rocque, the Clay Pigeon Shoot and Flag days. The committee have also run three One Million Pound Lotteries over the years and were the brains behind the successful 'Connie the Cow' initiative.

Our good work is only made possible by the support of the general public, for which we are extremely grateful.

If you wish to have a more active part to play in the hospice or fundraising you can get involved by arranging events yourself, or participate as a volunteer in any of the events that we are holding - please check on our events page. We're always very happy to hear from you. Please do remember to let us know if you are organising an event so that we can advise you of any specific issues and lend our support to you if needed.

If you would like further information regarding the Friends of Les Bourgs Hospice please contact -

Chair : Dee Blackburn

Vice Chair: Mira Domaille

Treasurer: Martyn Mahe 

Secretary: Trish De Carteret

Committee Members:

Rodney Clough, Lynn de Carteret, Mira Domaille, Jasmine Bynam, Jamie Williams, Gail Davies,  Pauline Clarkson, Candice Le Tissier and Andy Simon

Friends of Les Bourgs Hospice is a Company Limited by Guarantee Company Number: 56125.  Association of Guernsey Charities Number: 307.  Guernsey Registry Number: CH47

Become a Company Member

Friends of Les Bourgs Hospice is a company limited by guarantee (LBG), the objects of which are to raise funds for the direct benefit of Les Bourgs Hospice.

What is a company limited by guarantee?

A company limited by guarantee is much like an ordinary private company limited by shares.  It is registered at the Guernsey Registry, must file an annual validation each year, and has directors.  The major difference is that the company does not have a share capital or any shareholders, but members who control it.  

A company limited by guarantee must have members who will promise that, in the event of financial difficulties, they will pay a certain amount, in this case £1.  In this way, the liability of members is "limited" to £1.

The main advantage of becoming a company limited by guarantee is that it provides greater protection for the management committee in terms of liability (limited to £1) and increases our accountability to the public.

Becoming a member of the LBG company

Company members are entitled to attend and vote at Annual General Meetings (AGMs).  Company members can effectively appoint and remove the directors, and will have ultimate control over the company.

Please note that Friends Supporters will also be entitled to attend the AGMs, but they will not be entiteld to vote.

We would very much welcome you becoming a company member of Friends of Les Bourgs Hospice LBG and should you wish to do so please download and complete a consent form below, which should be returned to the company secretary at the Hospice.

If you have any queries or would like any further information about become a company member please contact Trish De Carteret, Secretary.

If you would like to become a company member please complete the form below and return it to the Hospice for the attention of the Friends Committee.

If you are a member and you move house please notify us of your address so we can continue to keep in touch with you.

Become a Supporter

Becoming a Friend Supporter of Les Bourgs Hospice is an ideal opportunity for you to lend your support to the charity, by committing yourself to nothing more than an annual subscription of £12. 

In return for your subscription you will receive regular information about the Hospice, its work and events, so that you can help spread the word further afield.  We are extremely grateful to our very loyal Friends Supporters. 

Please note that Friends Supporters will be entitled to attend Annual General Meetings (notice provided on our website) but will not be entitled to vote at the AGM.  

If you would like to become a Friends Supporter please download a subscription form below.  Completed subscription forms should be returned to the Hospice.

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Thank you very much for supporting and helping Les Bourgs Hospice. We rely 100% on your support.

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