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At Les Bourgs Hospice we care about everyone who comes through our doors, including the relatives and loved ones of our patients. We think that it is important that everyone gets the chance to be in a good place when they die - physically, emotionally and with the right care in place. We know that it is a difficult conversation to have and sometimes we are all too busy actually living our life to give it some thought but we hope that the information available in this section will help to get the conversation started. 

8th - 14th May 2023 is "Dying Matters Week" which is a national initiative to encourage people to talk more openly about death, dying and bereavement and Les Bourgs Hospice is proud to support it. This Year the focus is on Dying Matters at work.  

Stigma around grieving, and a lack of understanding about what it means to be ill and what happens when you’re dying, mean that too many of us are struggling to cope when faced with life’s inevitable challenges. And the workplace is no exception.

We spend so much of our lives at work – and we shouldn’t have to hide our experiences of death and dying from our colleagues, our peers, or our bosses. We want to create open and compassionate society where we are comfortable facing the realities of dying, death and grief.

By talking to those around you, you can help us make sure that workplaces are properly set up to support people who are ill, who are caring for those around them, or who have lost someone close to them.
(extract taken from www.hospiceuk.org)

Please visit www.hospiceuk.org for more information

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