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We thank you for considering fundraising for Les Bourgs Hospice:

We will always do our best to support your fundraising in any way we can, you just need to ask.  We have prepared this a leaflet to help you get started. you can download it at the bottom of this page.

Using the Les Bourgs Hospice Logo:

The Les Bourgs Hospice Logo is subject to an Image Rights Registration. The effect of the Image Rights registration is that the logo may not be used without the express permission of the Les Bourgs Hospice.  The Les Bourgs Hospice logo has been registered to ensure that the use of the logo is authorised and that such use is for a legitimate purpose.  Should you wish to use the logo please contact our Fundraising Administrator Liz Stonebridge ( or by telephone 210329 and speak to one of our administration staff who will be happy to help you.

Event planning:

As well as organising our own events, we support members of the public to hold their own events and we will offer advice, assistance and publicity to make these events a success.

We'd love to hear from you if you want to do something for us and we'll happily help you, even if your idea is only that, your ideas are what we need!  As they say from an acorn a mighty Oak is grown - so every idea can be a huge success with the right team supporting it.

Once you have an idea of what you want to do, ask around to see if it has been done before and learn from any suggestions. Contact the fundraising team at Les Bourgs Hospice who can help you to get the most out of your event by avoiding clashes with other events. Make sure you let us have all the details so we can add your event to our website for everyone to access..

Get yourself some help:

When organising a fundraising event, it is very difficult to do everything yourself. Pull in as many people as you can to help with whatever they can. Remember to thank people after the event, telling people how much you've raised. People will be much more likely to help out again if they feel appreciated.

Tell everyone what is happening:

The more people you tell the better! You can put up posters and flyers at the Hospice shops and various other places around the island but don't forget to get permission from them first!

Work notice boards, kitchens, staff rooms, intranets, toilets and parish halls, churches and community centres are a great way of asking for help as well as informing people about events. Remember: people are interested in who, what, where, when, why - grab their attention and make sure they can't not know about your event!  We can assist with preparing posters and designing flyers if it would help.  If you prepare a flyer or poster, send it to us and we will upload it onto the website for you.


If you are holding a raffle and plan only to sell tickets to people at work or at the event itself you don't need a licence, but if you intend on selling tickets ahead of the event, you should contact the Fundraising team who will fill you in on island gambling rules and regulations. 


If you are planning a public event you will need to seek permission from the Douzaine before you advertise the event. The Health and Safety Inspectorate can also be contacted on 234567 if you need guidance in this area.

Online sponsorship:

If you are undertaking a mammoth feat such as climbing Mount Everest (or maybe something less risky!) then let us know and we will create an online sponsorship section on the website for your friends and family to sponsor you.  We will inform you of all sponsorship received and also a final total after the event for your records.

You are still able to set up sponsorship via the justgiving website if you prefer to do this.

Corporate matching:

If you work for an organisation, can you get them to support your fundraising efforts by matching what you raise, pound for pound or an overall sum? By involving employees and managers not only do you have access to more funds but also to more people who might help.

Promotional materials:

We have collection buckets, small collection tins, pens and pin badges which you might want to use for your event. We can also provide you with leaflets, brochures and newsletters explaining more about our services to give to people. Just contact the Fundraising team if you'd like any of these.

Tax rebate:

Yes something back from the Tax Man!

If you make a personal donation of over £500 and up to £5000 pa (£10,000 for a couple) to Les Bourgs Hospice we will contact you to ask if you would be willing to complete this form and return it to us, this will enable us to reclaim 25% of the tax on your donation.  This may sound very little but it is £125 on every £500 donated and can be claimed for all general donations and also In Memorial donations to Les Bourgs. 

Using the internet:

The internet is a great source for all you need to know when it comes to brainstorming, preparing and running events.

Here are some sites which might help with ideas:

Good luck and don't forget to give us some feedback and send us your photographs after your event! 

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