Respite Care

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Respite Care

We provide a respite service for those with specialist palliative care needs, this can be from a few days or up to two weeks.  We have one respite bed available on the inpatient unit so planning your respite is the best way to ensure we will have a booking available. You can plan your admission weeks or months in advance, rather than an urgent admission.

All of our patients have different needs so our specialist nursing team will be able to assess whether we can offer support to you.

Circumstances where we may not be able to help:

  • If you are awaiting placement in long-term care or are living in long-term care.

  • If you require specialist dementia care. Please ask your GP to refer you to a social worker who will then be able to assist with arranging respite in an appropriate setting.

  • If you are not living with a life limiting illness and have no specialist care needs.

Your GP or social worker will be able to advise you on options of respite care provided in the community.


How do I book a respite stay?

Your GP, social worker, community nursing team or family member can make a referral to the Hospice for an assessment. If you need more information, please email or call 210323.

Please click here for our referral form.



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