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ou will pay a total of £25

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  •  I am entering the 30baysin30days or 9baysin30days event at my own risk. Swims are not led, not are they supervised.

  •  I am solely responsible for making my own assessment as to the risks involved in any particular swim (including access to each bay). 

  •  Les Bourgs Hospice and the organisers accept no responsibility and will not be liable whatsoever for any loss, damage, injury, death or other liability which may arise.

  •  I am medically and physically fit enough to participate and if I am in doubt or have a medical condition I will consult my doctor prior to taking part.

  •  I will not swim whilst under the influence of alcohol or any medication which may cause drowsiness.

For any participant under the age of 18 please ensure that a parent or guardian completes the registration process with you to ensure you acknowledge and comprehend this disclaimer in full.

Please note that you will only be considered to be participating in the event if a registration has been completed and the registration fee has been paid.

Unfortunately all online payments incur charges. To minimise the impact on your generous donation the use of a debit card is beneficial for transactions.

The fees charged are :

5p transaction charge plus one of the fees below: Debit card - 0.98% of the transaction value. Visa Credit Card or MasterCard - 1.2% of the transaction value.

We will, of course, be grateful for any donation received.

Terms and conditions

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