Friends Events

The Friends of Les Bourgs Hospice run many events throughout the year and you will find them all listed both here and under the main fundraising and events pages.


  Photos of some of our events are below.

3030 riders.jpg IMG_4280 - Copy.JPG IMG_4124.JPG IMG_4251 - Copy - Copy.JPG IMG_4253.JPG IMG_4256 - Copy.JPG IMG_4258.JPG IMG_4266.JPG IMG_4275.JPG IMG_4291.JPG IMG_4877.JPG IMG_4878.JPG IMG_4879.JPG IMG_4880.JPG IMG_4881.JPG IMG_4882.JPG IMG_4883.JPG IMG_4884.JPG IMG_4885.JPG IMG_4886.JPG IMG_4887.JPG IMG_4888.JPG IMG_4889.JPG IMG_4890.JPG IMG_4891.JPG IMG_4892.JPG IMG_4893.JPG IMG_4894.JPG IMG_4895.JPG IMG_4896.JPG IMG_4897.JPG IMG_4898.JPG IMG_4899.JPG IMG_4883 Jethou