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"His Majesty, the Grossglockner, Austrias Highest Mountain and the centrepiece of the High Tauern National Park".


"You can approach the Grossglockner in many different ways: it is the highest mountain of the Alpine Republic, one of the most striking elevations in the Eastern Alps and the summit of passion for many a mountaineer. The mountain is also home to people, numerous animals and rare plants. The Glockner is cloaked in secrecy, is the stuff of legend and has great attractive power. It is an obstacle on the path from north to south, yet a place where it has been overcome through the millennia. Join us and get to know his majesty, the Grossglockner, in his numerous aspects!"

Archie Lajoie lost his mum, Cathy Lajoie,  to Leukaemia 17 years ago at Les Bourgs Hospice when he was just a small child, he has one memory of a family holiday before she passed away in Austria and this has inspired him to raise money for Les Bourgs Hospice by climbing the hightest mountain in Austria - the Grossglockner which rises 3798m above a sea of three hundred 3000m peaks surrounding it. 

Archie says "  I am doing this climb of 12,461ft above sea level to raise money for Les Bourgs Hospice, Guernsey, for the sake of my mother who passed away there due to Leukaemia cancer at the young age of 36.  I was only 2 years old and my sister was 6 years of age.  When my mother was diagnosed with cancer, at the time there was not a proper cure for her condition.  She took us all to Austria as a final send off.  Over the last few months I have wanted to do something for Les Bourgs to say thank you for helping my mother and our family.  Theer is only likely to be myself climbing this mountain with a guide.  Maybe one or two mates will accompany me, but the likelihood is that I will be on my own with a guide.  I have not set a date yet but will be heading over in the late dates of October and climbing in early November."

The view from the summit is awe-inspiring and the mountain bears the weight of a 180km² of glacial ice on its shoulders.   On his climb Archie may hope to see vultures, golden eagles, mountain Ibex, chamois and Mormots alongside waterfalls and flowing streams. states that "The route leads to the summit from two sides of the mountain: From Kals and Heiligenblut (both are described here). Both starting points meet at the Adlersruhe, where the Erzherzog Johann Hut is located. This is the highest mountain Hut of Austria at an elevation 3450m. From here, the route to the summit is not too long and can be reached in 1,5-2 hours. On route you will pass famous points like the steep Glocknerleitl , the Kleinglockner , Glocknerscharte and finally the summit of Grossglockner with its distinct summit cross."

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We will keep you posted on the date of Archies Challenge and thank him for supporting Les Bourgs Hospice with this unique challenge.


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