Quotes from our service users

" Everyone has to die, but the way we die can have a lasting impact on the ones we leave behind. My very much loved husband left me on 28.10.16. Bruce had been to Les Bourgs Hospice a few months earlier and was cared for as if he was the only and most important resident there. As importantly, I was cared for too and best of all I was given time to be his wife not his carer. Nothing was too much trouble for any of the staff and thankfully Bruce became strong enough to come home to me for the last few but precious months. When the time came for him to return he was welcomed as an old friend. Again the staff cared for me as much as for him so all I had to do was be with him and love him. The worst day of my life was made that bit easier by the wonderful care given by the angels at the hospice. I, as everyone does, have many regrets but I have never regretted having Bruce cared for in Les Bourgs and so I do this in his memory and so that others can have a similar experience at the most difficult time of our lives."  Denise Mansell




"My Mother-In-Law was cared for at your amazing hospice last year. We all benefited from the kindness of the staff, the peace & beauty of the garden and the company of the other patients and their families.

I was particularly taken with the variety of dragonflies zooming around the pond. Kim's daughter and I kept our minds occupied trying to photograph them with our phones."



"How do you improve on perfection!!!"