Our team

Les Bourgs Hospice relies on the generosity and commitment of a wonderful team of volunteers who willingly give their time to support the paid staff group.  With the help of the volunteers we are able to keep the staffing costs to a minimum to enable us to use as much of the valuable income we raise for direct patient care as possible.

The hospice has a highly skilled and experienced nursing team to care for the patients and a small administration team co-ordinating volunteers, fundraising, office management and cleaning.  All of the team are managed by Mrs Jo Boyd MBE who is the Hospice Director.



 I have read and I have heard

About the 'angels' who care for those in the hospice.

I have met and shared with them, these 'angels'

But never saw a golden wing or glowing halo Never heard celestial voices singing in the corridors Never caught a glimpse of heavenly perfection.

But each day I did see, did share, did live With real, tangible people, diverse and individual Who in their every word and action Expressed the absolute beauty of true humanity.

To be referred to as angels is the ultimate tribute I guess But to me conjures images of intangible figures adrift in the sky.

I'd rather see the mother, the wife, the child, the sister Whose feet get tired, whose shoes get worn Whose hearts ache, who have meals to cook, clothes to wash Kids to get off to school, parents to care for, friends to laugh with Who eat, sleep, cry, hurt, dance, sing, play, fall, and love And love enough to share with strangers their quiet compassion.

Trudie (c) March 5th 2014

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