Greville Mitchell OBE and Mrs Lisa Mitchell

  • Greville Mitchell OBE

    Greville Mitchell OBE
    Founding Patron


    'It has been both a privilege and a joy to be involved in the creation of Guernsey's Hospice.

    Having already lived in Guernsey for some 10 years, Lisa - who had the idea first -and I believed Guernsey needed a Hospice - though the Powers that be at that time disagreed.

    With construction as my background, I personally paid for the purchase and the redevelopment of the Open Market Property Les Bourgs into Andrew Mitchell House.

    Having spent time in some 8 Hospices on the Mainland, I co-ordinated the design, project managed the Development and paid the first years running costs becoming the Hospices first Chairman.

    Subsequently the old Andrew Mitchell House was given to the people of Guernsey for the site of the New Hospice.  In the meantime I remain a Governor and will continue to support the Hospice going forward in any way I can'