Jenny Batiste

  • Jenny Batiste

    Jenny Batiste
    Office Manager

    Telephone: 01481 210321

    I first came to Les Bourgs Hospice in 1997 to help the Director of Nursing, who at that time was setting up the 931 Care of the Dying course and required a typist to help out. 

    I found the work here at the hospice very interesting, it was not all sadness as so many people seem to think, there were many very happy times and lots of laughter and we all worked as a family. 

    Shortly after helping out I was offered a secretary position which I happily accepted.  My work here has so many different aspects to it which makes it very interesting. 

    The College of Further Education held a Higher Diploma course in Administration and Secretarial Procedures which the hospice agreed for me to do.  I undertook this course over the following 12 months which made me look at the fundamental process of each section of administration and secretarial.  The hospice is very supportive in their staff gaining new knowledge which in turn benefits the hospice.

    I have seen many changes at the hospice all for the better, as the hospice became busier it outgrew itself and it was obvious that a new building was needed.  The fundraising began as 4 million pounds was required for the rebuild.  It was a very exciting time, but also a sad one, especially the day the old hospice was demolished.  At that time we had moved into the Princess Elizabeth Hospital for 18 months.  This was an upheaval with the need to box everything up for the move and before we knew it we were again boxing up and moving and unpacking once more in the new building.

    When we moved back in January 2012 I had my own office where I could work in comfort and ease not at all like my office in the old hospice which I had to share, and which was also a walkway to another office, oh this office is bliss.

    Watching the stages of the new hospice garden grow has been interesting what will be the next bush or flower to come into its own. 

    In July 2012 we had even more excitement with visit of HRH the Prince of Wales and the Duchess of Cornwall to officially open the new hospice It had been quite a year. 

    There's never a boring time at Les Bourgs there is always something new happening.