Trish De Carteret

  • Trish De Carteret

    Trish De Carteret
    Fundraising Administrator

    Telephone: 01481 210329

    I have the daunting task of having to make sure that Les Bourgs Hospice has enough funds to keep it running.  This is, thankfully, a task already largely undertaken by a group of fantastic and dedicated Friends of Les Bourgs, who I will work with closely to develop new ideas and support existing ones, but the running costs keep going up, so I need to keep on the ball with new ideas.  The other exciting task I have in this role is to develop, update and maintain the  hospice website, this is a new experience for me and has been an amazing challenge and a fantastic learning experience.

    I have worked most of my life in a Healthcare environment, having been with Health and Social Services Department for 21 years prior to moving here. 

    I  am lucky that my Husband and Family are very supportive and willing to help out when they are needed, which is really helpful if I have a lack of volunteers to call upon.

    I have been a volunteer since I was 10 years old when I joined St John Ambulance as a Cadet.  I worked my way up the ranks of St John Ambulance to become Commissioner Youth.  In this post, and many before it, the need to raise funds was paramount. Raising money meant that we could offer more opportunities for the young people so I developed an ethos for fundraising at an early age.  It was always put to me, both at home and St John that nothing comes for free and that I needed to put effort into what I did to get a good outcome!  

    I stepped down from Commissioner Youth in December 2011.  At the time my (then) Fiancé and I wanted to support a charity together and Les Bourgs were moving back from the PEH to the new building and were looking for supper volunteers.  As both of us were keen cooks this seemed perfect for us and we started in January 2012.  It was really clear that, from the first day, Les Bourgs was a great place to be, very upbeat, the patients and staff were lovely and the whole atmosphere was professional but relaxed.  

    In August 2012 a job was advertised in the Guernsey Press for a Fundraising Administrator for Les Bourgs Hospice and the job really took my fancy.  It seemed to me to be a natural progression to fulfil my dream of working for a charity to remain within a healthcare environment. I applied for the role and was delighted to have been successful and have not regretted the decision for a minute since I came. 

    Working for Les Bourgs is a rewarding and varied experience, it gives me a huge sense of satisfaction each day to know that what I have done has helped to keep this amazing facility operational.  I have overcome my reluctance to ask for money from others, as the cause is so worthwhile its easy to push that little bit harder.

    I am sure this role, which has already become very busy, will continue to develop and I am looking forward to the challenges that will come as the running costs increase and more fundraising is needed.