'Volunteering is incredibly rewarding, it is great to feel that you have given up some of your free time to help others feel better'




Sometimes in the rush of the day,

We forget to say,

Or show, our gratitude,

But which can be expressed with some heartfelt platitudes!


YOU are the glue that keeps us together,

The force behind ideas and the wind beneath our sails!

But truly, YOU are the hands and feet that bring relief

Too many hearts in times of grief.


Your value? Beyond measure

But we'll be bold

And admit - you're worth your weight in gold!

A workforce to treasureJ

It doesn't matter whether,

You're behind the scenes or the public face,

Without YOU we could not keep pace,

With the growing needs of our charity,

It's plain to us you see, that without YOU we would cease to be!


So our sincere thanks we would like to convey

To every one of YOU

Our volunteers

In appreciation for all that YOU do!


By Becky Hall.

Les Bourgs Hospice relies on volunteers to support all areas of their work.  We currently have over 200 volunteers working in a large range of areas around the Hospice.

Key Information about volunteering

Areas where you can help:

WILLING WHEELS - Transport Duties:

Volunteer drivers are a crucial part of our Day Hospice service, enabling patients to be safely transported to Day Hospice at around 0930hrs and returned home at around 1530hrs.  The day hospice is currently only open on a Wednesday and a Thursday.

WILLING COOKS - Supper Duties and Kitchen help:

Volunteers are crucial in providing light suppers for the resident patients each evening, preparing soup, beans on toast or just a sandwich.   We also require them to assist with serving and preparing meals at lunchtime, to help with the washing up and to ensure all food is served warm to the patients.


The reception volunteers greet all our visitors and receive all incoming telephone calls.  They also assist with basic office and fundraising administration and are very much the first point of contact for the public.

A GOOD HEAD FOR RETAIL - Sales Assistants:

Our Charity shops at Les Huriaux St Martins  raise a large amount of money for Les Bourgs Hospice each year.  Volunteers are always needed to receive and sort donations of clothes and other items, to serve and assist customers as required, to display goods for sale and to promote Hospice fundraising initiatives.


Volunteers in this busy area will assist the Day Hospice Patients under the guidance of the staff.  The will meet and greet the patients, assist with activities and outings and set the table for meals and offer refreshments.  The day hospice is currently only open on a Wednesday and a Thursday.


We are always looking for willing volunteers to do our shopping, looking for good prices and special offers wherever possible to keep the costs down, whilst chosing good quality nutritious food.

A YEN FOR CARING - Supporting the Nurses:

In this area the tasks undertaken are varied and many, but they do not include nursing duties.  They include shopping for patients, meeting visitors in the in-patient unit, making drinks for patients and visitors and helping with the laundry.  There will be regular contact with the patients in this role.

GREEN FINGERS - Gardening or odd jobs:

We are always looking for keen gardeners to help maintain the beautiful gardens we have at Les Bourgs Hospice, from weeding to planting to feeding the birds, everyone is valuable.

GREAT IDEAS - Fundraising Duties:

To keep Les Bourgs Hospice running we need to raise in excess of £1,040,000 PA, to do this we need a team of willing volunteers to help us at events, to run or support a stall at a function or to come up with new ideas that can help us raise the essential funds needed.

Some of these volunteer positions require you to have a Criminal Records Bureau check.





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