Hospice Shops

Almost a quarter of our income comes from our Charity shop in Guernsey and we rely on the donation of good quality goods to maintain this essential income stream.

The Charity shop takes all donations of clothes, household items, working electrical items, shoes, household crockery and trinkets as well as books, CDs and DVD's.

Everything donated is checked and if it is not suitable for sale and cannot be repaired we recycle it and get some income from this source.

We do ask that you DO NOT leave donations outside the store or shop as this is a fire risk and also items may be taken without our knowledge, but you can drop off donations any time during our opening hours.

If you are looking for a gift, a special outfit or just general items, come into the shop and store as you will be amazed at some of the beautiful items that are donated, some having never been worn.


Les Bourgs Hospice Charity Shop - Les Huriaux St Martins

Les Bourgs Hospice Childrens Shop - Les Huriaux St Martins


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